The Jonbar Point has been the result of our first participation in the Ludum Dare, specifically its 32th edition. That event consists on creating a game on 72 hours according to a certain subject chosen by vote by the community who participates in the Jam.

This competition, although doesn't have prizes, it's an experience which provides the opportunity of working as a team against the clock and testing your developing skills. No without troubles we got to make a finished version of what could be a bigger game. The proposed theme this year was 'an unconventional weapon' and after a long brainstorming, we came out with an idea: our game would be about an interstellar traveler, a galactic researcher who uses holograms of important historical events in the history of mankind contained in an old space probe as a weapon to advance and overcome various obstacles. Too weird? Try to play and then you will understand better.

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