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I had a bit of lag in the game but other than that I didn't have too many issues with it.

I got this in the Ukraine bundle. I see a lot of performance/crashing complaints but it worked well on my PC. I really enjoyed it!


Got this in the Palestinian aid bundle. Finally tried to play it and it keeps crashing. Crashes when I alt-tab away, crashes on the starting launch, crashes before I can even move the character after starting a new game. Shame.


can't even get off the ground. crashed twice at the main menu, crashed again ten seconds into the last passenger. got it through the blm package.


I think I tried this one a year or so ago and did not like it. Shame it has my name...

Playing this game disocnnected me from voicechat audio and trying to exit without fully closing the game caused Problems and Issues with my PC's UI. Loved what I saw of the story though! and looking out the windows makes for a lovely view!


This game is fun and creepy at times but drags in places. The environments are very nice and I loved the surreal elements and how hallucinations were handled. Basically, it doesn't matter if it's not real because when it's happening it is real to you and you just have to deal with it.

Some of the puzzles were confusing and since the game controls were never explained and certain mechanics were never introduced there were times when I was stuck and didn't know why. 

My overall feeling by the end of the game was just irritation and relief that it was over and I could go do something else. It was kind of a nothing ending. Maybe I would have found it more satisfying if I'd liked the POV character. That's honestly my biggest problem with the game. 

The POV character is so mean to the AI and so paranoid it's really hard to like her. I get that it was a stressful experience but if all I see of a person is them being awful to people I'm not going to like that person.

I think this game has it's good points but I don't think I'd ever replay it or recommend it to a friend.


I got this game in the BLM bundle but the download link seems to be for an old version or a 2 GB demo: the computer in the first room never works (the door is unlocked by default) and there was no suit anywhere on the first level. The elevator also didn't work, and typing on the computer didn't work at all (only Q managed to exit the user/pass prompt screen).

Please update the build if you have a newer one around, I would really like to play through the game.


Same, any reply?


Devs had to drop support and close the company. What a shame.

Thanks for the answer Abunchoftinydeer!

Likewise. So disappointing! I was STOKED to play this game.


I also got the game in the BLM bundle but have not ecountered any problems.

If by "suit" you mean the clothing puzzle, you just need to explore all the way around the ring corridor and try every cabin you come across, ignoring the Hub and Cryo doors. Once you find your clothes (you get a message along the lines of "that's not my name, but this looks familiar" or something like that when you reach the right locker) the elevator should work.

haha yeah somehow I kept missing that one room.

Neat walking simulator with a few puzzles in between. The puzzles are bit hit or miss, but I really enjoyed the athmosphere and the background story as well as how the game "rewards" you visually and narratively. Its a cool little story that you might very well enjoy, despite its flaws and occasional bugs. The devs definitely would have deserved some minor success and a shot at a second game after this. 3,5/5

More Racial Justice bundle impressions and ranking:


Controls are utterly broken, key rebinds don't work. :(

This caused quite a few issues for me, as i use a left-handed mouse so default controls were a hassle.

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good news! theres a bundle right now!


Well worth 741 games for $5, this included!


Even better news: the bundle keeps on getting bigger, now we're up over 1600 items!

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A really fun looking game but it keeps crashing at different places around level 2. During the endless stairs/happy birthday area I keep falling through the floor on the out most stair. And then in the pharmacy area the game keeps freezing.

Also there is a type in the second room, the decontamination room. The info board says something like

"Do you remember that, right?"

There might be a language barrier but usual phrasing in English would be:

"You remember that, right?"


"Do you remember that?"

And what the heck was that constellation puzzle. We're only allowed to look at the map once and then we have to guesswork anything we didn't remember? I stopped playing after that. 


Hi! I'm Johnny, one of the devs behind this game. Sorry to hear about the crashes, but unfortunately we had to close our studio because the game didn't sell very well so we can't keep supporting the game any longer.

About the constellation puzzle, you can press a key (by default is TAB or one of the triggers if you are playing with a game pad) so you can check the constellations whenever you want while you are not using the telescope.

And yeah, there are some typos in the writing because some of the posters and written resources where made by me (a spanish fella with its english limitations) after the official translation we paid to a proffessional team of translators so... my bad :(


This looks good! Would you consider adding a Linux build?


Hi! One of the devs here. Unfortunately the game didn't sell very well and we had to shut down the studio so, no, there will be no Linux build, sorry :(

Very sorry to hear that :-( Thanks for the reply.

There is a glitch in the game where I can't get past the opening because the clothes don't spawn in the locker and the AI just yells at me to put on clothes but there are no clothes. Can you help? I bought the game and I REALLY want to play it.

At the risk of posting spoilers here:

It's not a glitch, it's a puzzle.

The solution is:

Wear a towel instead. Click on one of the towels in the lockers and you will get a message saying something like "looking good!"You can then exit the cryo room and explore the lockers in the crew cabins to find one with clothes in.

Hey, thanks for the advice. I did eventually figure it out. But seriously I appreciate that someone followed up and tried to help. Cheers!

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Hi dev ,thanks for the free download .

Is this "Version 12" the old demo or old game version 

or same as Steam release?


It's the latest version, just like the one on Steam.

Ok ,thanks.

This game it's mind bending! I've only discovered it now and apparently it's going to come out soon! Can't wait!!

EcchiTenshi plays the Demo for "The Fall of Lazarus" with DARGON

Play this game:

The Fall of Lazarus is a first person exploration game set in a science fiction future. You are a crew member of the USSC Lazarus waking up from cryo sleep without memories and even without name in an apparently abandoned drifting cargo spaceship. But you’re not alone, there is also Hybris, the Artificial intelligence who commands the ship.

The Fall of Lazarus is a deeply narrative video game. You will have to solve some puzzles and explore in order to advance in the story. The universe and story will unveil branching along the scenary, objects and documents left behind by the people who lived in the Lazarus at some point.
In addition if you search and connect the dots maybe a greater puzzle will be revealed and the darker truth around you will become brighter.

Contact us:

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Gaming & Streaming Profiles:
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Become WitWGARA: 
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Okey, so we've been focused on the development of the game and we didn't realized till now that our game wasn't working in the app. Works fine with the downloads from the browser but it doesn't work in the app. We're sorry for that and we will check it out as soon as we can.

Thank you all for advising us! <3

Install options that are presented (i.e. Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft One Drive...) are not working! Please update.

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Hi! We checked and all the links are working just fine both on Chrome and Microsoft Edge and we haven't had any problems with that with anybody so maybe is something wrong with your browser or something like that. :(

PS: We didn't know you were talking about the app! We will check it out for sure. Thank you a lot!

Great game! Our review is up

Thank you guys! <3

Install options that are presented (i.e. Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft One Drive...) are not working! Please update.

wont even install for me :(

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It doesn't require you to install it, you only have to download it and play it! :S

If you're trying to play from the app we just realized it doesn't work. We will check it out as soon as we can. Sorry about that! You can still download it from the web!

I really liked it. It got a little confusing towards the end, but I understand that you guys were simply trying to experiment with different mechanics, which I don't mind at all. Use me as your guinea pig! I liked how immersive it was, and the voice acting wasn't bad. All in all, when this gets finished I think it'll be on par with Event[0], but with a different storyline and different mechanics. Can't wait!

Did a two-part of the demo for our channel and loved the ideas and everything behind it. Here's the first part.

32-bit maybe?


Fascinating demo!


Hi there! I really liked the concept of the game you created. Even though it's just a demo, I think that it has a lot of potential. It remined me of Alien, like the suspense and the music adds to the game. If you don't mind, I made a gameplay video of it.

The Fall of Lazarus DEMO

Keep up the good work :)


You really shouldn't ask anyone to pay for a demo, those are supposed to be a free way to try a game.

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It's free! You can download the demo for free if you want. We only activated the possibility of donations if anyone wants to do so. Maybe someone likes the demo and wants to support the development of the project. But donating it's not necessary at all to play the demo!

Thanks for posting!


Honestly I don't even think that you (or the service you publish on) should even ask for money at all when delivering a demo. It should be free without "pay what you want" setting the implication that you should pay something. put up a donate button if you want donations.

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Honestly, I don't think you understand what a developer goes through when creating their games. The art that's behind it, the long hours poured over for some random person on the internet trying to tell them how THEY should run THEIR GAME? How about this, you try and support a project by yourself without the option of letting those who'd like to support it (which is easily negatable by clicking the download button regardless) and see where that gets you. There are TONS of demos on Steam and many other platforms that people pay for. It supports the project, it gets content to its players faster, and it shows the developer that WE CARE. Take your unknowledgable self somewhere else, cause I guarantee you, everyone here will disagree with you.

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Oh I know it's hard and lots of personal time and effort goes on. But a demo is there to show off all of that, its a free way to try a tiny bit of a game. I personally think asking for money at any point for a demo is wrong.


Good girl, honestly I think you should shut your mouth. What you say is BULLSHIT. I don`t know if you every tried to develop a game but I did. And it`s not as easy as you maybe think. If I would make a game for the community I would do exactly the same as "No Wand Studios" did because donations will help A LOT. But maybe you just didn`t think enough. Next time you surely will. Have a nice day!


I never said it was easy, that is why you charge for the full game. Demos are supposed to be a free sample of a game. 


And it IS. But very much developers add their patreon accounts or another way to support them to their games. So I can`t see your point. Everything is allright

Install options that are presented (i.e. Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft One Drive...) are not working! Please update.